Flat-Price Strategies

Corn:  partial liquidation of longs Fri thru Mon – now, multiple sells-stops nearby:


Wheat CBOT and KCBT:  partial liquidation of long positions late Apr – multiple buys nearby:


Soybeans: large liquidity last week thru Mon exhausted sells; buy levels are now far above current price:


Soy Meal: liquidation of long positions late April/early May – now multiple sell-stops $15 below:


Soy Oil: holding longs many weeks – sell-stop nearby:


Palm Oil: sold Monday – multiple sell-stops nearby:


Live Cattle: large short positions established over the past several sessions – additional sells nearby:


Lean Hogs: large liquidity, initiated shorts late Apr/early May — additional sell levels nearby:


Time Spread Strategies

CN2/U2: light liquidity last week – multiple sells nearby:


CN2/Z2: selling over the past few sessions – multiple buys-stops nearby:


WN2/U2 and KWN2/U2: holding shorts many weeks – multiple buy-stops relatively nearby:


SN2/Q2:  longs have held their positions over the past few weeks – multiple sell-stops nearby:


SN2/X2:  large liquidity the past several sessions – buy-stops start 20c above:


SMN2/Q2:  little liquidity last week – multiple sell-stops start $1 below:


BON2/Q2:  holding longs many weeks – multiple sell-stops nearby:


LCQ2/V2 and LHN2/Q2:  holding shorts many weeks – one sell rel nearby in each.